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Earbuds & Headphones

Earbuds and headphones are not just for music. These devices can also be used to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or any other audio content.

Because of their small size, earbuds are more portable than larger headphones. Earbuds are also less likely to cause ear damage because they are inserted deeper into the ear canal.

Earbuds are typically made from plastic or metal and come with a variety of features such as noise cancellation, volume control buttons, or microphone ports that allow you to take calls using your phone or listen to announcements on your device's built-in speaker.

Headphones range in size from small earbuds that fit inside the ear canal to larger headphones with speakers attached directly to the headband or around the back of the headband. Headphones also come with different types of connectors including 3.5mm (standard size), 1/4" (microphone port), 1/8" (headphone jack), and more!

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